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Critical Illness Insurance

Life is filled with surprises… Some good, some not so. No one wants to deal with the unexpected events that come with a critical or severe illness. While it is difficult to even think about the prospect of you or a loved one suffering from a life-threatening illness, it will be worse if you are not prepared.

Critical illness insurance, also referred to as Severe Illness Insurance, is a type of insurance policy that is being offered by many employers across the nation. It acts as a supplement to your regular health insurance, providing you with a lump sum of money in the event that you or a family member might suffer from a critical illness. Critical illnesses that are generally covered include stroke, heart attack, cancer, and more.

When you obtain additional insurance coverage for severe illnesses, anyone on your policy will be covered, whether it is for yourself, your spouse, or your children. In the event that someone is affected by a catastrophic illness, you will be able to obtain a lump sum of money to help pay for basic or more complex needs related to that condition. For example, you will be able to cover co-pays for treatments, travel expenses, and have extra money to support your family.

During such a difficult time, many unforeseen expenses may arise, and the financial burden can truly take a toll on the entire family. With easy access to additional funds, you will be ensured of having the funds needed to make a difficult time perhaps a little easier on everyone. If you’re the person affected by that illness, and you can no longer work, your insurance policy will give your family the money needed to take care of you and each other.